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Porta Cabling's personalized, structured wiring solution will effectively manage communications, entertainment and security throughout your home. Your system will be able to:

• Link all your family's computing devices
• Provide audio/video throughout your home
• Monitor infants and older children
• Integrate your security systems

Also for the small office or home/office:

• Use multiple phone/data lines
• Network your computers, printers and files
• Provide multiple/shares Internet access


Porta Cabling provides an innovative home system, which is necessary to take advantage of applications today such as digital TV, multiple phone lines, home high speed internet access and prepares the home for rapidly emerging technologies.

Structured wiring solutions will provide you with a convenient method for networking, customizing and distributing all of the electronic services in your home; voice, data, video, audio and security all from one central location.

From enclosure to outlet, Porta Cabling offers a complete, cost effective, structured wiring solution to help you add value to your home, while taking full advantage of the latest in electronic technology.

For more information, email inquiries to info@portacabling.com.

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